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Sagar Island
      Sagar Island
                                 Sagar Island is a Ganges coastal delta. It is also known as 'Gangasagar'. It is located in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal state of India. The delta is located between 21°38' to 21°52' north latitude and 88°03' east to 88°12' east latitude of 225 square kilometers. There are 45 villages and 2.5 lakh habitations. Its largest village is Gangasagar and here is the holy place of Hindus Kapilmuni Temple. Although it is under the Sundarbans administration but there is no also a tiger habitation or mangrove forests.

                     This holy place is famous for Kapil Muni. According to mythological story, its gravity was Lord VishnuKapil Muni was the son of Kardam Muni. It has been said in mythology that According to Lord Vishnu. Kardam Muni had to spend his marital life. The goddess Vishnu would be born as his son, on this condition the Kardam Muni accepted it and after the birth, he was named after Kapil Muni. The mythological story --- 
Kapilmuni Temple
       King Sagar, ruler of Ayodhya, had sixty thousand sons. The king was a powerful and fearless man and had defeated all the demons on Earth. One day, the king decided to perform an ancient horse ceremony called the 'Ashwamedha sacrifice' to show his supremacy. This involved setting a horse free to roam at will over the land and for it to return to him without being captured or attacked.

         However, Lord Indra, the king of the gods, feared King Sagar's power and plotted against him. He kidnapped the horse and hid it outside the secluded dwelling of a wise old sage  Kopil Muni.
Kapil Muni
       The sixty thousand sons searched the mountains, the rivers, the plains and the oceans for the horse. At last they came upon the sage's abode. Mistaking the sage as the kidnapper, they began to attack the house. Kapil Muni deep in meditation, was interrupted by the disturbance. He opened his eyes in anger and used his fiery gaze to bum the sixty thousand princes and reduce them to ashes.

          For many years, the sons' souls wandered as ghosts as their last rites had not been administered. Finally, one of King Sagar's grandchildren went in search of Kapil Muni to ask how their souls might be released. The sage advised him that the waters of the goddess Ganga, who resided in heaven, could cleanse their remains and they would be set free.

       King Sagar prayed and pleaded to Ganga for several years. His grandson, then his great-grandson, then his great-great grandson tried ...It was his seventh generation descendent, Bhagiratha, who finally persuaded Ganga to descend to Earth.
Ashwamedha Horse
         As the Ganga rushed towards Earth, Bhagiratha prayed to Lord Shiva to help lessen the severity of the falling waters and prevent a catastrophe. Lord Shiva held out his long, matted hair and let the waters flow gently through it and land on the Himalayas in seven streams. These streams flowed into one to become the Ganges. Bhagiratha led the river down to the sea, where it followed its own course and divided into one hundred mouths to form the mighty Ganges Delta. One of the streams reached the place where the ashes of the sixty thousand sons lay and freed their souls.

       To this day, bathing in the Ganga is believed to wash away sins. People also bring the bones of their dead loved ones to place in the river or cremate their bodies at the river's edge and throw in the ashes. These actions are believed to lead to the salvation of the deceased.


               1. Bus & Ferry :- From Kolkata to Diamond Harbor Road (NH-17) is about 90 kilometers south of Harvard Point near Kakdwip, a ferry is going on Kachuberia, on the north side of the island. There is a parking area of ​​Panchayat Samiti near Ferry Landing. Ferries travel around 3.5 km to reach the Ganga River to Kachbariya. Small boats have also gone from Harwood Point to Kachurbaria. Private cars and buses travel around 30 kilometers to pilgrims of Sagar Island. Kapil Muni Temple is about 200 meters from pilgrim parking area and approximately 700 meters of Gangasagar.
                   2. Train & Ferry:- Trains from Kolkata to Kakdadweep to Namakh are run on the lines of Sealdah south, where there is a ferry on Mariganga Bhaban, Sagar Island in Bakakhali.

              3. Air :- Every Sunday operator, given by the State Government, can reach the Ganges by adopting a Helicopter Service.

                                                                                                                       --- by Gangasagar Safar

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