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Gangasagar Mela

Kapil Muni Temple
                         West Bengal is the state of fairs and festivals. A large number of festivities take place in this state throughout the year. Amongst them, one of the most famous fests is the Gangasagar Mela. It is held in the month of January-February, on the Ganga Sagar Island, at the mouth of the river Hooghly in West Bengal. It is attended by thousands of pilgrims every year. Due to the Gangasagara Fair the water sinking in this place is considered very sacred. On Makar Sankranti (January 14th), when the Sun transforms the Capricorn from Capricorn into heaven, it is said that bath is a sacred source of salvation.

Makar Sanan
                  Origin from Gangotri and after traveling through Hrishikesh and Haridwar plains, the holy river Ganges, reaches West Bengal, where it is known as Hughli. In Bengal this holy river merged with the sea. Legend has it that, before combining with the sea, the Ganga watered the mortal remains of King Bhagirath's grandfather King Sagar’s 60000 sons, liberating their soul from the cycle of life and death forever. After being immersed in the holy river, people usually visit the nearby Kapil Muni Temple, there every year to worship the statue, as a mark of honor.
Ganga Puja
                     The story behind the temple of Kapil Muni was organized by the king Sagar to conquer the whole universe, and an 'Awajoha yagna' was arranged. When his horse was about to conquer the whole world, then the Indra - the King of Heaven was scared. He steals a strong horse and closes it to Kapil Munir's monastery. 60000 sons of King Sagara think of Kapil Muni as a criminal and he is disturbed when he was thoroughly involved in meditation. After the angry, Kapil Muni cursed them to turn them into a breath. It is said that Bhagirath, the only grandson of the King Sea, mediated for the Ganges river to descend from heaven for many years and washed the dead bodies of his ancestors and blessed them with salvation. Today Mandela has identified the presence of Kapil Munir ashram

Mela Time:-
                    Every year, in January and February a long fair is held on the Ganga Sagar Island. This fair is very crowded on the day of Capricorn. It is believed to be the largest annual gathering of devotees in India. The popularity of this fair is understood by seeing an audience of about one million people without any invitation or advertisement. As well as in the gathering of the Naga Sadhus, along with the pilgrims, this festival gives a unique identity.

                                                                                                                         --- by Gangasagar Safar

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