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Kapil Muni's Life Story

Kapil Muni
Kapil Muni
                    Kapil Muni was the son of Kardam Muni and Debhayuti. It is written in the old book that he was part of Lord Vishnu. After the birth of nine daughters of Kardam Muni, he is preparing to go to the forest for austerity. Then the grandfather Brahma admonished him to go to forest and said he would have a son, who is part of Lord Vishnu. Then Kardam Muni's had a son whose name was Kapil Muni. After the birth of Kapil Muni, Kardam Muni went to the forest for austerities. Kapil Muni stayed with his mother and preached Saankhya Yog to her. Devahooti got Moksh after that preaching.

                        Kapil Muni has two incidents ---

                                                          1. Kapil Muni and Raavan Kapil
                                                          2. Kapil Muni Bert is the son of King Sagar's

1. Kapil Muni and Raavan :-
              Kapil Muni met Raavan when He was at Bali's place. Read his story at "Raavan Meets Raajaa Bali".

2. Kapil Muni Bert is the son of King Sagar's:-
                                                       Once he was sitting in the tomb of his monastery, that 60,000 sons of King Sagar's came there in search of his father Yagya Horse, they tied it with a tree near it, so they thought that Kapil Muni had stolen it. They started talking to him something bad. Kapil Muni opened his eyes and looked at them and saw that they were all ashes. Actually, Indra had been stolen from King Sagar's and hid it in the shelter of Kapil Muni.
Kapil Muni

                                                                                  Then the King agar's sent his grandson Anusham to search for his 60,000 sons and  Yagya Horse. He followed the footsteps of his uncle and appeared at Kapil Muni's Asaram. He saw a mound of shelter near his monastery. He understands everything. He greeted him and asked how his uncle could get salvation. Kapil Muni proposed to him to bring the Ganges to Prithvi and orgnize hais rituals there so that his water could release him.

                                                                                                                      --- by Gangasagar Safar

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